User Guide

1. Getting Started

1.1. Create a Business Account for an Organisation
To sign up for iTEMP click on “Go to Account Creation & Administrator Login” then click on "Create Business Account". Each organisation is required to set up at least one business account in order to add individual employee accounts into the system.
Fill in the fields with the required information and click on the submit button.
You will receive an email from iTEMP. Open the email and click on the given link to verify your company email address.
Upon logging in, you will be prompted for your mobile number. Please enter the OTP that is sent to your mobile for verification.
You can proceed to update your profile once your phone number has been verified. The system might take up to 10 minutes the first time you login as it sets up a personalised environment for you.
Once the environment has been set up, you are done and can proceed to login! You may proceed to continue reading the guide once you have logged in by clicking on the Help tab.

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